Aladdin Expander

Aladdin Expander 5.1

Expand most compressed and encoded files downloaded
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Aladdin Systems, Inc.

Aladdin Expander gives Windows users an easy way to expand most compressed or encoded files downloaded from online services and the Internet. Aladdin Expander 5.0 gives users access to all StuffIt (SIT) and ZIP compressed files. (StuffIt is the standard compression utility for the Mac.) It will also expand files in UUencoded (UUE), BinHex (HQX), and MacBinary (BIN) formats, and other archives such as ARC, ARJ, and GZ. Version 5.0 expands StuffIt 5.x archives (SIT), including self-extracting archives (SEA), and it decodes MacBinary III encoded files--the new format utilized by Mac OS 8.5. It offers Unicode support, which is helpful for cross-platform, multilingual file access. Expander can now open ARC compressed files that contain hierarchical folders.

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